Advance warning: Thee Open Sex // 03.31.13 @ O’Brien’s Pub in Allston

Next week, at some point, I might go deeper into this new record from Indiana’s THEE OPEN SEX, which just came out a few months ago on Magnetic South. The twisted Midwestern garage rock droners are in our fair ‘hood of Allston on Easter Sunday, March 31, on a pretty killer bill with Major Stars and psych dudes Sand Reckoner, who I profiled in the Phoenix last year.

The seven songs on this self-titled record are nicely sunburned neo-psych rock, and while the opening tracks like “Peanut Butter” and “I Do Not Know What” are cagey buzz-hummers right off the bat, things really get sticky on “Live Dead,” a nearly-seven-minute campfire jam that rises up into head trip seance territory. This shit might be enough to get Jesus to rise up again in the evening (I assume he rose in the morning? I have no idea. In any event we’ll all be floating.)

This band is gonna do dirty nasty things to OBs next weekend, and I already can’t wait. Props to Kevin Fowler of everydayisamixtape for the directions this morning. I love this shit.

Thee Open Sex by Thee Open Sex


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