Awesome Video Alert: Herra Terra “Reason To Lose It” 03.22.13 @ Ralph’s Rock Diner

Like a fucked up iPod commercial from the 2000s, where the music isn’t Jet but rules instead, where the people get face-bombed with glitter-liquid and don’t dance like idiots, and where they’re all colorfully naked instead of drowned out silhouettes shilling product, HERRA TERRA’s new music video for “Reason To Lose It” is pure visual stimulation for a futuristic peep show. Sit back, zone out, and pop off. The song, the latest galaxy-pop offering from their Hyperborean EP, nicely rises and drops along with the Torey Champagne-directed clip, taking Herra Terra’s roller-coaster synthpop and giving you something to stare at inside your helmet screen as you’re rolling face through the cosmos.

(Also, I’m sure everyone’s YouTube ads vary based on what location they’re viewing this from, but mine keep saying “Find the #1 plumber in America” and that works perfectly. And hilariously.)

Herra Terra crashes the Rock and Roll Rumble next month at T.T. The Bear’s Place (a stacked Night 2 on Monday, April 8 alongside Camden, the Deep North, and Endation), but not before releasing Hyperborean officially tonight in their home zone of Wormtown at Ralph’s. It’s a very Boston-flavored affair with support from Vanya favorites RIBS, Animal Talk, and Coralcola. Then a week from tomorrow they hit up Fete Lounge in Providence with Lovelife (ex-Viva Brother and Mirrors), Ravi Shavi, and the Kolour Kolt.

No Boston date announced just yet (WTF?), but I’d gladly take that Worcester show any day of the week.



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