In My Head: Cold Cave “People Are Poison” // 06.28.13 @ T.T. The Bear’s Place

Back in the ’80s, people were just people. Now in 2013, they’re straight up poison, and it’s a sentiment we can’t really argue with. Last week dark-pop project COLD CAVE released a new track, “People Are Poison,” and it continues Wes Eisold’s brilliant transformation from hardcore screamer (American Nightmare, Give Up The Ghost) to electronic visionary. It was also a good week for Cold Cave fans around Boston, as Bowery Presents announced a the band’s return to town, Friday, June 28 at T.T. The Bear’s. Seems like forever ago they played the pill.

“People Are Poison” is the black-fisted b-side to the new Oceans With No End release on Salem-based Deathwish recordings, and it’s a motherfucker of a goth rock ripper. At first the Jesus And Mary Chain comes to mind, especially with the vocals and the cascade of noise that twists and turns throughout the four-minute track. But there’s also a massive Sisters of Mercy vibe as well, an acceptable sonic spinoff of “Lucretia My Reflection.”

Want to play a fun game? Sing “Dive, bombers, and Empire down!” right at the 1:43 mark.

Regardless, this track is fucking incredible. Eisold is an evil-pop genius.


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