SPF 5000 sign to Nicky Digital’s new record label, drop its bangin’ first single ‘Make Love To Me’

Amy Douglas has done much to warrant digital ink on this site, from belting out the blues rock with Feints to calling the living members of Queen a bunch of “sackless twats.” But life comes full circle as we return to the thing that first drew us to Douglas sometime in the last few years, and that’s her Somerville electro-funk trio SPF 5000.

While Boston dance floors are no stranger to the electric pulse of SPF 5000’s raunchy post-disco, the trio has also been turning heads and shaking asses in the New York club scene. And now one of the Dirty Apple’s beacons of underground nightlife has tapped Douglas and crew to bring the beat global.

SPF 5000 is the first act to sign to Nicky Digital’s new record label, Knight Time Records, and will drop their first rump-rumbler single “Make Love To Me” on August 13. The track has Douglas’ signature bedroom howl, but also showcases the slick dance production of Rob Phillips and has Daymeyn Gantt’s “get down” fingerprints all over it, a mix of freestyle and electro and 103.5 KTU FM.

“It’s incredibly exciting and an honor to be a part of this brand new vision,” Douglas says in the signing’s announcement. “Nicky Digital is an inspiring trailblazer in his own right, and so to be able to showcase brand new sounds and vision together, feels like a baptism of sorts, a new beginning.”

Knight Time Records is a partnership with longtime Nicky Digital collaborator The Sleepover Party (and is expected to specialize in “remix-ready dance floor indie pop.” They’re off to a good start.

Check out the video for “Make Love To Me” up above, the Soundcloud embed below, as well as the single’s full track list and album art after the jump.

Make Love to Me Track List:
1. Make Love to Me (Extended)
2. Make Love to Me (Radio Edit)
3. Make Love to Me (DJ Nita Remix)
4. Make Love to Me (Galactik Knights Raw Remix)
5. Make Love to Me (Galactik Knights Classic Remix)
6. Make Love to Me (Baryshnikov Remix)
7. Make Love to Me (DJ Killa Theory & Dat Beat Moombahton Remix)

SPF5k Make Love cover



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