GOZU to play Netherlands’ Roadburn festival next year, already eyeing local ‘cuisine’

Oh, sweet sticky ghost of Saturn’s green rings of miracle izm — GOZU is headed to the Netherlands.

The Boston stoner rock powderkeg has been tapped to play at Tilburg’s Roadburn Festival, lighting up April 10 to 13 alongside bands like Horse Latitudes, Inter Arma, Loop, and Windhand. There’ll be more acts announced in the coming weeks; this year’s fest back in April was highlighted by Godflesh, High On Fire, John Baizley & Nate Hall, Primordial, and curators Electric Wizard. Roadburn annually features several dozen of the best heavy bands from around the world.

While the Roadburn appearance will be a focal point, it won’t be a Euro one-and-done for GOZU; the band is currently booking other dates around Tilburg and hopes to be across the Atlantic for about 15 days.

So what’s the first thing the band will do when they go Dutch?

“I love food, and I always want the local flavor,” says guitarist Douglas Allan Sherman. “So first I’ll consume some Frikandel speciaal: Dutch snack, a sort of minced-meat hot dog filled with mayonnaise, curry ketchup and chopped raw onion.’ Some pickled herring and smoked horse meat. Beer — Heineken, then I’ll probably smoke a pound of herb, take off my pants and sing songs about the Southland.”

Already sounds like a hell of a trip.

Catch a preview of some of the tracks of GOZU’s latest record, the buzzing riff-cannon LP The Fury Of A Patient Man, out earlier this year via Small Stone Recordings.




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