With each passing day, we’re further removed from the conclusion of Breaking Bad. But the tributes to the landmark AMC series are still rolling in, and now Videodrome Discotheque has a personal message for Mr. Walter White: “You’re the best around, nothing’s ever gonna keep you down.”

True that.

This week, Videodrome DJ/VJ Craig MacNeil edited together this tribute video to White and crew — spoiler alert: this might reveal some plot lines — recapping the series to the tune of Joe Esposito’s ’80s classic “You’re The Best,” best known for its inclusion on the Karate Kid soundtrack. Never has “Get him a body bag, yeah!” felt more appropriate, and MacNeil said the association was easy.

“I’ve never been as obsessed with a series as I have been with Breaking Bad, and I’ve always rooted for Walt, no matter how dark the plot twists got,” MacNeil tells Vanyaland. “The day before the finale I just thought of this song in conjunction with with show and started giggling, which made me have to cut this together. I wanted to include shots of Saul Goodman, Huell, and other fan favorites, but it really turned into a twisted salute to Walter White and his superior abilities.”

No word on whether these scenes will creep their way into MacNeil’s Videodrome mixes. The audio/visual dance party’s next installment arrives October 25 at Oberon in Harvard Square, and stars a drag performance by the darling (and uber flexible) Katya Zamolodchikova and showcases the career of Duran Duran.

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