Spanish electronic band Delorean were kidnapped from their Mexico City hotel earlier this week. According to reports, the touring quartet received a phone call at their Four Points hotel room Monday morning from a person posing as a security officer, who urged the band to relocate to a different hotel because of impending violence in the area. When they complied, they were held hostage in what police called a “virtual kidnapping.”

According to the Los Angeles Times: “[M]embers of the group were held for several days in a hotel while terrified family members were told to pay a large ransom or they’d be harmed. ‘Virtual kidnapping’ is a new form of crime in Mexico, in which the perpetrators play on fears of violence to extract ransoms even when the victims aren’t in immediate danger.”

With the aide of international authorities, Delorean were eventually freed without incident or on Tuesday.

Earlier today, the band made a statement regarding their ordeal, clarifying some reports, and asking for privacy. Seems the whole thing was more serious than a “virtual” crime.

On Monday morning October 7th we received a phone call at our hotel room in Mexico City from a person posing as a hotel security officer. We were informed that there was a security threat at the hotel.

What followed for the next 30 hours was an experience where the threat of death was real due to the psychological manipulation inflicted on us by our kidnappers. Thanks to the fantastic work of the National Police in Spain, Ertzantza, Interpol and the Federal Police in Mexico, we were successfully rescued yesterday morning.