Drawn To The Deep Bin: Britpop underdogs Gene announce album reissues

UPDATE 11.06.13 1:03pm EST: Due to popular demand, and as the boys actually own the rights to it, the original Libertine album will be re-released on VINYL and the new re-issue will also be available as a download version too. More details to follow.

Beloved ‘90s UK rockers Gene may have called it quits back in 2004, but like most Britpop bands of their day, their legend lives on. Remembered for Smiths-tinged singles like “Haunted By You” and “Olympian,” Gene represented Britpop’s more sensitive side.

Over the course of eleven years, Martin Rossiter and his London melody makers released four solid studio albums, as well as three rarities compilations and a live record. And now Christmas has come early for the Gene faithful with this week’s news of long-awaited record reissues.

Deluxe reissues of Olympian, To See the Lights, Drawn to the Deep End, Revelations, and Libertine will be available on January 27, 2014. These special two-disc offerings have been remastered and include demos, live tracks, and other rarities.

Unfortunately due to licensing issues, the reissues will only be available on compact disc — no vinyl, no downloads. A full track listing for each reissue can be found on the Official Gene Facebook page (a Twitter was also recently launched).

And despite the new releases, a Gene reunion seems unlikely. The Strangeways Radio blog reminds us that front man Martin Rossiter stated in a 2012 interview that he would rather “eat [his] own penis. Fried. With Shallots.”

Okay then!

Regardless of a reunion, these reissues are starting to add to the Britpop fan’s 2013 holiday shopping list. A few months ago, all of Suede’s studio albums were reissued on vinyl (us Yanks can finally purchase these for the low price of $210 + $40 for shipping!), and the re-launched Menswe@r 2.0 opened a merchandise store right out of Johnny Dean’s flat.

Couple all this with the Gene albums are being reissued, and this is as good as it gets, yes.



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