Year In ReView: Kayley Kravitz shouts ‘1990s Forever’ and lists her favorite records of 2013

It’s well documented that I’m stuck in 1995. New music rarely does anything for me but 2013 actually saw me getting excited about a handful of new releases. Sure, some of the bands are old favorites, but others are new with very strong ’90s influences. These are the five albums that rarely left my stereo (or let’s be honest, my iTunes) in 2013.

5. PeaceIn Love
2013 was a year of ’90s nostalgia, and Peace’s In Love is no exception. Giving nods to everyone from Chapterhouse to Oasis, this UK’s band debut is more than solid. Clocking in at just over a half hour, In Love is pure fuzzed-out guitar pop. Recommend tracks: “Follow Baby,” “Lovesick,” “Waste of Paint”

Peace 333

4. SulkGraceless
This relatively young London-based quintet won over psychedelic and shoegaze fans worldwide with their debut album Graceless. Its tracks are heavily influenced by bands like Ride, Lush, and Leisure-era Blur. Sulk is ending 2013 with an opening slot on the Happy Mondays’ Bummed 25th Anniversary Tour, which is not a bad way to end the year! Recommended tracks: “Flowers,” “Marian Shrine,” “End Times”

Sulk 33

3. Franz FerdinandRight Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
In my Vanyaland review of Right Thoughts, I stated that Franz hasn’t strayed far from the sound that made us fall in love with them way back in 2004, and that’s just fine. Their 2013 release is more of the same but damn it’s catchy! Certain tracks venture into artsier territory but largely, this album is tried-and-true indie guitar pop. Recommended tracks: “Love Illumination,” “Stand on the Horizon,” “Bullet”

Franz Right Thoughts

2. Arctic MonkeysAM
I wasn’t sure what to make of Alex Turner’s recent greaser look but it seems to go hand-in-hand with his maturity as a songwriter. AM sees the Arctics claiming a sound all their own. It’s equally influenced by the great British indie bands that came before them and the classic sounds of American rock ‘n’ roll. Recommended tracks: “R U Mine?,” “Knee Socks,” “Snap Out of It”

Arctic Monkeys 33

1. SuedeBloodsports
Suede had been on hiatus since their disastrous 2002 release A New Morning. Frankly, I was worried when they announced their return to the studio but Bloodsports certainly proved the naysayers (and me!) wrong. Bloodsports is an excellent record from start to finish invoking the best bits of Dog Man Star and Coming Up. Recommended tracks: “Snowblind,” “For the Strangers,” “Always”

Suede Bloodsports 33



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