Year in ReView: Alison’s Weekenders playlist, a best of what’s good in 2013
[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ooking back on 2013, there are plenty of conclusions we can reach about the state of music. Pop music, indie music, dance music, music in general had a big year this year. But the biggest success stories are told in songs that were prevalent on multiple platforms and experienced media crossovers. Lesser known artists, like those featured in Weekenders, found success when embracing 2013’s biggest shining star, technology.

Concert crowd funding offered a strong emergent niche platform for many indie acts, contributing to the boost in touring revenues we saw. As reversion rights began to expire, the growth of social media marketing and DIY music tech alternatives allowed major artists to explore their independence (we see you, Metallica).

So here’s to you, the nerds of the world, whose commitment to geeking out has created new and innovative ways for musicians to delight us with their art. And to these artists for continuing to hack it so that we may listen to their awesome music, some of the best or 2013, in my opinion.



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