Video Premiere: Watch the Appreciation Post go hand-to-mouth, and maybe learn something new

A great music video should not only entertain, but inspire. It should lead others to seek knowledge, to gain intellect, to walk away from their beloved internets a bit smarter than they were before. In a little more than three minutes a band can educate the world. So it goes with the Appreciation Post’s new clip for “Quick, Brain,” the first cut off new EP Slip Away.

With a budget of only $1, the Boston-based pop-punk/synth-core quintet went down to the Dollar Tree bought some body paint (or something), and dolled up their jazz hands with some funny faces.

In an effort to better explain this look, we Googled “what’s it called when you draw faces on your hands.” Because, you know, knowledge. And uhhh, we can’t figure out of there’s a specific term for this shit.

What we came across was this Yahoo! Answers gem from user sydney eats her vegetables dating back about five years:

What are some funny things to draw on your hand or someone else’s?

The results are astonishing and educational. We recommend it.

Good looks, Appresh Post.

Meanwhile, the Slip Away EP is officially out January 21, and if you pre-order the digital version via the Bandcamp embed below, you can score yourself the single. This gives you a good 10 days until their official record release party, a solid Friday night escapade January 31 at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge alongside Pretty & Nice, USA! USA! USA!, and our newest favorite band, the Color and Sound.

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