Like ‘Paris’ In The Springtime: Watch Magic Man’s new music video, catch them @ Boston Calling

Though this spring’s Boston Calling Music Festival is far lighter on electronic music than its September predecessor, one homegrown act will certainly representing the genre well.

The Brooklyn-based, Boston/Providence-born Magic Man will be opening the Saturday slate of the three-day music fest at City Hal Plaza, and after today, they may have far greater attention. Rolling Stone just premiered their new video for single “Paris,” and you can watch that clip below.

“Paris,” a shimmering synthpop jam that creeps up into your brainspace and chills there for the night with a glass of port and a good book, is off Magic Man’s EP, You Are Here. The video, directed by Mimi Cave, is a bit of a surreal jaunt complete with headless bodies and the band out in the woods somewhere. It’s where we want to be.

Also, #ICYMI, be sure to check out Magic Man’s irresistible electro-pop remix of Skaters’ “Miss Teen Massachusetts,” which dropped a few weeks ago.




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