Ian Watkins maybe having some company in prison.

A few months after the Lostprophets singer was sentenced to 35 years for child sex crimes another musician is in similar trouble. Ex-New Found Glory guitarist Steve Klein was charged in December on multiple felony counts, including lewd conduct with a minor and possession of child pornography.

He was kicked out of New Found Glory a day before he was arraigned.

Here are the sordid details according to Billboard.

Klein pleaded not guilty and was not booked after the arraignment. He remains free until scheduled court appearances on March 20 and April 10. Below is the docket from his arraignment:


Klein, 34, was a founding member of New Found Glory, which formed in Coral Springs, FL in 1997. He last played on their live album “Kill it Live,” released 2013. The band plans to tour North America and the UK this fall, as well as to release new album.