Weezer Kid: Tony Romo and his wife have named their new baby Rivers. As in, Rivers Romo

A new Weezer superfan was born into the world recently, but probably doesn’t realize it yet because he’s like a day old.

Welcome to the world, Rivers Romothe newborn son of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and wife, Candice.

His name is Jonas, it is not.

He’s probably not named after Philip Rivers, the moody Chargers QB, so we’ll just run with this Weezer thing.

Rivers Cuomo is probably unavailable for comment. Up next: “No One Else: The Jerry Jones Story.”

Hat tip to Mike Tunison on Twitter.




  1. This kid is going to suck. Or he’s going to be really cool for a while and then put out three really shitty records. Clearly gonna choke in the offseason like his pops.

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