History is littered with tales of men who venture into the belly of the almighty whale, but what happens when the victims are small New England children innocently enjoying a game of basketball in a cozy gym in Beverly, Massachusetts? Boston-based indie-pop trio Sinnet attempt to answer that question in the music video for latest single “Year Of The Whale,” first heard off last summer’s 7-inch of the same name.

Things seem innocent enough when an anonymous woman with seemingly good intentions driving a car with Wisconsin plates brings a mysterious inflatable package to the gymnasium. What happens next… well, we wouldn’t want to inflate the tale, set to Aaron Spansy’s infectious-but-moody indie-pop compositions (for real, we still have 2011’s “Castlevania” stuck in our heads).

Whether or not they bring the whale in question to T.T. The Bear’s Place for Night 1 of the Rock And Roll Rumble preliminaries is anyone’s guess. But it’ll take more chops than props to take home the night, which features a stacked opening deck positioning the laid-back Sinnet up against Rebuilder, Tigerman WHOA, and Guillermo Sexo.

Regardless of the outcome, that’s one whale of a show (sorry).

Here’s the track in case you have a fear of seeing whales in gyms:

Featured Sinnet photo on the homepage by Johnny Arguedas

Rumble Poster 2