Animal Magnetism: Inspired by Keytar Bear, Nashville now has its very own Keytar Fox

Boston’s beloved Keytar Bear has been bringing music and joy to MBTA passengers for only a few months now, but his influence is already extending far past the commuter line. We knew it wouldn’t be long before his influence spread to other cities, and sure enough, the Music City of Nashville now has its own furry critter jamming away for passerby: the Keytar Fox. It’s kinda like how Passion Pit inspired the Naked & Famous. Or something.

“Keytar Bear is one brilliant creature,” is what the Fox says after he’s reached by email. “I ran across some of his videos on YouTube and was blown away by the genius of his act. That bear can shred. If I’m ever half as good of a keytar player as him I would die a happy fox.”

Keytar Bear says he doesn’t mind the imitation, as long as the Fox’s intentions are pure.

“People can go out and buy a $200 costume and a $1,700 keytar all they want, but you gotta know why you doin’ it,” he tells Vanyaland. “As for me, my thing is to put Boston back on the map.”

Keytar Bear, who will be performing at the Lily Pad in Cambridge on April 22, has spoken about trying to bring a bit of joy to Boston’s rat race with his music, as it seems the Keytar Fox is trying to do the same for Nashville. And the admiration is plentiful.

“But really, what he is doing is truly amazing,” says the Fox. “I’ve never been to Boston but it’s almost like that Bear now represents the spirit of the city. He’s everywhere. And when people see him they suddenly remember how to smile again.

Life is busy… too busy,” the Fox adds. “Humanity is extremely focused on their schedules, work or whatever, and the ability to have a little fun and laugh about some of the simple pleasures in life is often lost. But when someone comes across an animal on the street shredding a keytar… it all changes. It’s like they instantly become a kid again. I hope to bring a little of that spirit to Nashville.”

The Fox has already posted clips of the Bear on his twitter, and has made no secret of his desire to jam out together.

“First I’d want to do ‘What Does The Fox Say’ and just trade off riffs during the ridiculous parts of the song,” the Fox tells us. “That would be fun. But mostly I’d want to play ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia.’ I’d be the devil… He’d be Johnny because he would definitely triumph over me. He’s definitely “the best that’s ever been.”

The Keytar Fox in action…

Keytar Fox of Nashville



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