Breaking News: Brighton Music Hall is bringing Skee-ball lanes to Allston

UPDATE April 17, 11:34 a.m.: We’re told the Skee-ball lane that was installed yesterday is actually something called “Basket Fever.” We’re unsure how we feel about this, but we’re told a real, legit, must-throw-the-ball-straight Skee-ball lane could be added as soon as next week. #LongNaionalNightmare

Skee-ball is coming to Brighton Music Hall, and no, that’s not some new West Coast rapper we’re talking about.

We’re talking about the glorious, glorious game where you underhand the ball up a lane and try to get it into those damn holes.

Greatest news ever.

We’re told the lanes will be installed within the next few days. UPDATE 4:18 p.m. EST: We are told it’s BEING INSTALLED RIGHT NOW.

The Skee-ball games will be in the back of the club, near the pool tables and existing arcade games, and will be sometimes turned off for certain live performances.

No word on if they’ll install a prize booth as well. Half the joy in playing Skee-ball is winning tickets to be exchanged for stuffed animals and shot glasses.

Regardless, the timing of this couldn’t be better — and Goose Island are launching their Last Call series this Saturday with Animal Talk, Miss Geo, and DJ Moe Pope. It’s FREE with your RSVP.

See you at the Skee-ball, yo.

Last Call 1 Animal Talk




    1. Uh-oh! It better be there by the Do617 party on Saturday or heads — and not balls — will be rolling 🙂

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