Cosmo UK: ‘You mightn’t always be a fan of the music, but you can still rock these retro tees!’

If the last chapter of the 20th-century’s rock and roll era truly died on Friday with the death of the Ramones’ last living original member Tommy Ramone, then Cosmopolitan UK branch is standing by with a shovel.

The British fashion magazine’s August edition features on page 129 the Top 10 Band Tees for the summer. Of course, it’s silly to get worked up over things Cosmo prints alongside articles like “What Does Your Instagram Say About You?” and “The Dos and Don’ts of Festival Fancy Dress,” but the tagline caught our eye: “You mightn’t always be a fan of the music, but you can still rock these retro tees!”

After a good 15 years of incorporating punk and metal into the fashion trends of 20-somethings — we’re looking at you, Unknown Pleasures and torn-up Motörhead shirts — it’s good that people have stop trying to pretend it’s about the music.

Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Flip the page.

The Top 3 of Cosmo’s must-have band shirts for summer are Led Zeppelin, The Police, and the Eagles. The Rolling Stones are in at 6, David Bowie clocks in at 8, and the Sex Pistols close out the list at 10. We’re shocked there’s no Joy Division. Unless that’s so last year.

The costs of the shirts range from £13 to £32 at the usual outlets: Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Topshop.

Check out the full ad via scribd, and our screen grabs below.

Cosmo UK 1

And hat tip to British comedienne and actress Tiffany Stevenson for the head’s up…

Here’s the full ad without the tagline or shop info…

Cosmo UK 2



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