The Boys’ Team: Watch South Park reveal Lorde to actually be a middle-aged man

South Park has been going after everyone these days, from Kanye West to the Washington Redskins. But last night, it was Lorde’s turn to get skewered by the Comedy Central show in an episode titled “Gluten Free Ebola.”

In the world of South Park, Lorde’s actually a middle-aged man. And not just any old guy — but recurring character and man’s man, Randy Marsh.

Lorde’s… uh, “cameo” appears right at the end of the episode, and feel free to skip to the 21 minute mark to get the real action.

Meanwhile, the seemingly-innocent teenaged pop queen released a new song earlier this week, “Yellow Flicker Beat,” the lead track off The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 soundtrack, which Lorde curated.


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