Mahk Ya’ Calendah: The Rockin Holiday Flea Market & Bloody Mary Bash is coming back to T.T.’s

Yeah yeah, it’s nearly Friday 5 p.m. here in Boston, and everyone’s pretty checked out for the week. But we wanted to pass along two notes before we all cut out in a fit of TGIF: 1) there are only 69 shopping days left in the upcoming holiday season, and 2) the motherfucking Rockin Holiday Flea Market & Bloody Mary Bash is coming back to T.T. The Bear’s Place on Sunday, December 14, juuuuust around the “panic point” for most of us.

Consider this your advance warning. Mark it in your calendars or something.

“It’s BACK!” we are warned via the Facebook event page. “And its BIGGER, BETTER and more BADASS. This ain’t yo Nana’s flea market!”

So what can we expect?

“Tons of awesome vendors selling vintage, vinyl records, music memorabilia, handcrafted jewelry, art, collectibles, clothing, basically all the cool shit you want in one room. Oh… and our Bloody Marys get bigger and stronger every year. ( you’re welcome)”

There’s also hot dogs, tarot card readings, and surprise vendors galore. We’ll get more into that in a few weeks once we hurdle Halloween and Thanksgiving, but in the meantime, pep this rad-AF flyer:

TT Holiday Faire



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