Now You’re Playing With Raw Power: Someone created Punktendo for all to enjoy

It took nearly 30 years, but someone finally merged the worlds of punk rock and Nintendo. Ladies and germs, get ready for Punktendo — and it’s free to play right the eff now.

Noisey came correct last night with word of Punktendo, the creation of Brooklyn-based animator Jeff Hong, the dude behind Grumpy Punk Cat and other studded-belt appropriations. Some of the games available to play using your keypad include “Fat Mike’s Golf,” “Milo Fu,” and “Dan Zig,” which takes our beloved former Misfits singer and gives him the “Mega Man” treatment.

You can already smell the lawsuit getting typed up from Danzig’s crib.

“It took a couple weeks to learn how to mod my first Nintendo game and learn how to change the sprites in games, but there’s a huge resource for learning that on the internet,” Hong tells Noisey. “Now it takes me a day or two to change a game.”

The possibilities here are endless. We’d love to see Sid Vicious in some version of Castlevania.



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