When there’s a local music festival going on, it’s generally a good rule to catch as many of the participating bands as possible. With the case of this past summer’s Fuzzstival, that meant investing nearly 13 hours in 15 noise-slinging, psych-leaning, reverb-toking bands from around New England. Those who rolled up early to the Middle East on that warm early-August day were treated to Black Beach, a Middleboro-raised, Allston-repping garage rock trio who made the most of their 1:55 p.m. afternoon set.

Tonight, back at the Middle East, Black Beach won’t be on as early, but expect to deliver all the same. Celebrating the release of new 7-inch Play Loud, Die Vol. 1, they’ve enlisted a lineup worthy of a Fuzzstival winter-session, hooking up with the fest’s organizer, Illegally Blind Productions and sharing the stage with CreaturoS, Magic Shoppe, and the Fagettes.

Just before the Fuzz fest rolled around, Black Beach teased one of the tracks off the new release in “Rats,” a scuzzed-out bitchslap of a guitar-heavy gutter-rock jam, and followed that up with the relentless “The Youth Is Out There,” clocking in at nearly six minutes of fuzzed-out street piss.

Listen to both tracks below.

And be warned — while the Middle East holiday party rages on in the downstairs, there will be just as much ruckus going on above ground.

Black Beach Flyer