Everywhere At Once: Soft Pyramids get back to basics in video for ‘Around This Town’

Everyone loves a fancy-pants music video these days — “YouTube is the new MTV!” they scream from the panel-discussion mountaintops — but sometimes all it takes is a tight, back-to-basics clip showing off a band doing what it does best. Somerville indie rock gentlemen Soft Pyramids are starting the year off with this kind of mindset, and the Sound Of Our Town performer this week has unveiled its new video for rock and roll tumbler “Around This Town.”

The video was directed by filmmaker Tim Stabers, shot during a live cut of “Around This Town” performed in a corner of the Soft Pyramids’ 120-year-old warehouse the Napoleon Complex, where “the band does most of their writing, recording, and breathing.”

The Pyramids will breathe a different kind of air tonight when they play at Allston’s Great Scott alongside Abadabad and old Abram Brown. “Around This Town,” which has a cool Tom Petty/Neil Young vibe to it, is the second single from the band’s debut LP, Fossils of the Free World, and that can be heard in full over on Bandcamp.

Show flyer gives the vital show deets after the video jump.

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