Here are the five best artist names playing Voidstar Productions’ 25th anniversary festival

This October, Voidstar Productions will be celebrating 25 years of booking uncompromising and experimental music and art with a three-night weekend festival at Brighton Music Hall. And there will be many important questions asked over the course of October 2 to 4 in Allston, Massachusetts, like “Hey what time does Journey to the Center of the Colon go on?” and “Have you seen the Vomit Arsonist perform lately?”

As Voidstar continues promotion for the underground festival and fast approaches reaching its IndieGoGo crowd funding goal with more than two weeks to go, Vanyaland wanted to explore the sounds of the band and artist names that jumped out at us off the event’s poster.

The urge to hear just what Pine Tree State Mind Control sound like was too great to ignore, so while you go buy advance tickets to this latest Voidstar extravaganza, here are our five favorite performer monikers appearing at Brighton that weekend. Check out the full lineup via the poster after the music.

High-Functioning Flesh [Los Angeles, CA – Industrial, EBM]

Journey to the Center of the Colon [Boston, MA – Experimental]

Pine Tree State Mind Control – [Providence, RI – Experimental]

Ukuphambana [Boston, MA – Experimental]

The Vomit Arsonist [Providence, RI – Death Industrial – Malignent]




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