Hey Dirty: Speedy Ortiz shout out Kelis, get their fuzzy groove on in new song ‘Puffer’

Western Massachusetts luminaries Speedy Ortiz are already known for their smart take on heavy, distorted, guitar rock. But as we count down to both not only the release of new LP Foil Deer on April 21 and a tour kickoff show the following night at the Sinclair in Cambridge, Sadie Dupuis and crew have thrown us a curveball in latest single “Puffer”.

The third release from Foil Deer doesn’t really sound like anything they’ve done previously, with a fuzzy groove you can take out for a nice date on the town, but when we listen to it we get the sneaking suspicion we owe somebody money. Maybe it’s the bill from that dinner.

Maybe it’s something else.

“It’s supposed to sound like Kelis, idk,” is how Dupuis described “Puffer” earlier today when it premiered via Entertainment Weekly, and now we have it and ODB’s “Got Your Money” stuck in our heads.

Which is fine, we guess.

Listen to this sneakily little bastard below.




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