Eatin’ Curtis: Can you spot the Joy Division presence in this Hot Pocket ad about ‘Bromance’?

With the suicide of frontman Ian Curtis on May 18, 1980, Joy Division effectively broke up 35 years ago this Monday. And yet, the Manchester post-punk band keeps showing up in unlikely places, from Disney t-shirts with an Unknown Pleasures theme a few years ago to creepy Teletubbies videos soundtracked by “Atmosphere.”

And now, perhaps weirdest of all, Joy Division’s presence can be found in a new Hot Pockets twitter campaign about a bromance.

Wait, what?

“When you’re in the zone and your bro helps you stay fueled up,” Hot Pockets tweeted out this week, complete with the hashtag #bromance. The accompanying image shows a tattooed young man feeding his friend a Hot Pocket as his BFF continues playing a video game without interruption. The Hot Pocket feeder is, naturally, wearing a white Joy Division shirt commemorating the band’s sophomore record, Closer.

There you have it.

File under: “A Meal To An End.”



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