A few years ago Courtney Love was scheduled to perform an acoustic session for WFNX Radio listeners at the Ames Hotel. Running a few minutes late, she barreled into the lobby area set up for her stripped-down session, and apologized for being late by telling the assembled crowd of a few dozen, “Sorry, I was in my room having sex.”

Everyone let out out an uneasy laugh, and the show got started. Midway through, as she was telling a story about something else, she paused, and blurted out that she was just kidding about the sex part. Another uneasy laugh erupted.

Love was acting, she was acting well, and we all bought it. Maybe we just wanted to believe she was several floors above us getting it on in the middle of the afternoon, or maybe she was showing off those acting chops that landed her roles in The People vs. Larry Flynt and, a few years later, this season’s Empire. Her ability to captivate a room, whether singing or telling stories, will be on full display this fall, as Boston Magazine reports that Love will co-star in American Repertory Theater’s run of Kansas City Choir Boy at the intimate Oberon Theatre in Harvard Square, Cambridge, alongside playwright and songwriter Todd Almond.

Love’s run starts October 1 and concludes October 10. Here’s more from BoMag:

Don’t expect any hits from Live Through This, though — Kansas City Choir Boy has Love and Almond performing his songs. The show, which premiered in New York earlier this year, is described alternately as “a theatricalized concept album about love altered by unexpected fate” and “a love song for the computer age and a product of the 24-hour news cycle.” Read more about the show over at Newsweek.

Better yet, here’s a taste: Love performing Kansas City Choir Boy’s “All I Ever Wanted”: