All Members Only: These Wild Plains help bring a Country Club to Somerville

Even here in Boston, country music is huge. But its biggest area supporters, especially, will tell you that most of it is garbage. That’s why These Wild Plains are on a quest to highlight the non-cringeworthy aspects of the genre, and this Saturday bring their latest Country Club party, a team effort with Narragansett Brewing Company and Tigerman WOAH, to Cuisine En Locale in Somerville.

“[There are] so many great country, country-rock, country-leaning bands around Boston,” says These Wild Plains’ Ben Voskeritchian. “We want a place and way to get folks to become a little more aware of what’s going on out there. [With] less and less venues to play, we figured it was high time for a honky tonk in Boston. Being a southern transplant, along with another member of These Wild Plains, Rob Motes, it feels great to have a little bit of home right here.”

And don’t expect that cheesy stuff from the FM dial.

“Not talking about any of that bullshit pop country radio stuff,” Voskeritchian adds. “We’re talking Waylon and Willie, Merle and George Jones. Hank Williams. Lots of great new country out there at the moment. Sturgill, Whitey Morgan and the 78s, Nikki Lane, Futurebirds, and that’s just a few: We’re just trying to carve out a little corner of the country, country-rock world for ourselves here.”

Saturday’s event stacks the local deck, and in addition to performances by These Wild Plains and Tigerman WOAH, the night also stars American Echoes, Cask Mouse, and Cactus Attack. It’s an extension of the recurring event that started as a Friday night get-together at Tupelo in Cambridge’s Inman Square not too long ago.

“Sometimes it’s just a great hang with our favorite songs playing in the background, sometimes we get friends coming through spinning old country 45s, sometimes it’s live music/honky tonk,” says Voskeritchian. “You never know what you’re gonna get till you get there. Unadvertised — except instagram posts. You just gotta know about. Taken from the classic Travis Tritt number, “Country Club”: “I’m a member of a country club.”

Word is out.