Rink Against The Machine: Watch kids and families ice skate to ‘Killing In The Name’

Back in the late-’80s on Long Island there was an old, beaten-down roller skating rink in my hometown of Bay Shore, and it would host skating parties for our middle school, dances, and other seemingly innocent shit like that. One time the person playing tunes (he wasn’t really a DJ) played something we all thought had a curse word in it, and the place went nuts — kids started skating backwards, jumping over the railings, and even got rowdy in the food court area. It was pandemonium. All for a simple “shit” or an “ass.” Those were good times.

Had my class been skating at a public ice rink in Brugges, Belgium (and had this been 30 years ago), who knows what kind of reaction we would have had to as Rage Against The Machine’s Zach De La Rocha screamed out, over and over, “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me.”

That’s what went down at this rink over the weekend, where the DJ decided to liven up the all-ages skate with ’90s anti-authority favorite “Killing In The Name.”

Few in the video below seems too fazed by it all, however, probably because 1) there’s a slight language barrier (though surely they speak English better than we do here in America), and 2) it’s Europe, so no one really gives a fuck.

To paraphrase De La Rocha: “Those who glide, are justified, for wearing their skates, they’re the chosen ice.”

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