Video Spotlight: A Troop Of Echoes take a reflective journey on ‘Small Fires’

Usually when it comes to the realm of alternative rock, rarely you’ll see a band introducing jazz elements as a means of bringing something different to the table. Providence- and Toronto-based alt-jazz rock act A Troop Of Echoes have always set themselves apart since the mid 2000s by exuding sonic rhythms that are different than most bands. Off of 2014’s full-length The Longest Year On Record, the quartet last week unveiled a music video for the track “Small Fires”. It’s a black and white voyage through the band’s experience of making the album, doing two tours in the United States and Canada and capturing an entire year in a clip that’s a little over five minutes long.

There are shots of the warehouse space The Longest Year On Record was created, places the band performed while on tour, an up close shot of a cat and bassist Harrison Hartley throwing a table down a flight of stairs. What’s very enjoyable about the video are the parts that show the full band performing. It’s an interesting set up when you have a sax player as your instrumental frontman and Peter Gilli does that with high tones and emphatic feeling. Nick Cooper shows why he’s one of the most underrated guitarists in Providence with distorted riffs that give off a robust intonation. Dan Moriarty keeps a steady beat on drums with an emphatic style not many in Providence can duplicate.

Enough of the jibber jabber, we’re certain that we’ve done enough to convince you. Check out A Troop Of Echoes’ video for “Small Fires” and enjoy.