Loud Strike: New Lunglust record just the start of Nicholas Wolf’s thunderous album hat trick

If today sounds a bit louder than usual, you have Nicholas Wolf to partially blame.

This morning, Boston dirty hardcore bandits Lunglust dropped their latest record, Repetition Is Hell, via Wolf’s own label, War Fever Recordings, and it’s another pummeling blast of sonic face-slapping. But it’s also just the start of a string of new sounds from the multi-instumentalist and Somerville-based Wolf, whose other bands, Phantom Glue and Ascend/Descend, also have full-length albums set for release on the close horizon.

“I took a year off from touring to get these three albums recorded and ready for release,” Wolf tells Vanyaland. “It was actually really nice taking a year off and focusing on the art side as opposed to the performance side of things.”

After the dust settles on Repetition Is Hell, the sludgy metal of Phantom Glue’s new LP, titled 776, releases May 13 via Negative Fun Records, followed by Ascend/Descend’s debut Murdock Street, which officially hits this summer via Dead Tank Records/Tor Johnson Records/War Fever Recordings. The latter has already garnered national attention, and we’ve been blasting “Manipulator” from the hardcore punk band on VanyaRadio for the past few months.

“I take a relatively backseat role in Phantom Glue,” explains Wolf, who plays bass in the ‘Glue. “I love the material that Matt Oates and Mike Gowell come up with so I just wait, learn it, and play it. As far as playing guitar in both Ascend/Descend and Lunglust, that’s where things got trickier. I’ve really had to pay attention to mood a song takes on as I write it. Ascend/Descend stuff is much more to the point. It’s verse/chorus hardcore. If I’m writing something and it sounds noticeably dissonant or discordant, then I know I’m pitching it to Lunglust.”

With the albums just out of the proverbial oven, road itch sets in. Phantom Glue has a handful of show in April, while Lunglust goes on tour June 3 to 19, and Ascend/Descend heads out July 20 to 31 and again in the fall.

In the meantime, fire up Lunglust’s Repetition Is Hell, check the flyer for tomorrow’s show, and stay tuned for the loudness up next.