Video Premiere: Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for Dinoczar’s nice ‘Cream’

Last year we got hip to the scuzzed-out garage rock sound of Dinoczar, a Boston trio who felt right at home on the vital House of the Rising Fuzz compilation. Once the dust settled in our ear holes, we pulled some serious music journalism sleuthing and came across this bio for the band, which confused the ever-living fuck out of us: “Sludge boys in a garbage world // cream boys born from the gutter”.

We totally got that first part, but the latter half threw us for a loop. Until today.

Dinoczar’s contribution to the Fuzz comp, “Cream”, this week gets the video treatment, and the beginning provides some of the best convenience store tomfoolery since the Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979” video. But delve deeper, and it’s clear to see that it’s so much more than that, as Dinoczar’s Aaron Swartz explains.

“The video is Jake, Paul, and I eating a lot of ice cream at my apartment over the course of the day,” Swartz tells Vanyaland. “Our friends approached us wanting to make a video for ‘Cream’ and we were throwin’ around a few ideas. Paul and Jake came up with the idea of us eating a lot of ice cream all day and then trying to play the song — so we did that.”

But Swartz warns: “The song name ‘Cream’ also came from a joke. A few years ago my roommate discovered that ‘cream’ was a slang term meaning ‘to hangout’. So naturally we began saying that. Lastly, the song “Cream’ has nothing to do with either of those two things.

What it does have to do with is Dinoczar’s upcoming debut record, Sick Wind, set for release on May 20. Get a preview of that and more on March 30, when Dinoczar play Great Scott in Allston alongside Long Beach’s Tijuana Panthers and versatile man-about-town Andy Sadoway, perhaps best known for his indie-pop solo work and his efforts in Bent Shapes.

“Cream” was directed by Jane McGinnis, and produced by Sofia Horyn. Watch it below…