This Is A Call: Dave Grohl writes letter defending young metal band told to quiet down

There’s a great quote from Dave Grohl from a few years back where the Foo Fighter says the next great band is not going to come from a television show or competition series, but from a noisy garage or basement. British metal band Black Leaves of Envy cited the quote earlier this month when officials in the English town of Cornwall told them to keep the noise down. Black Leaves of Envy practice in a family garage, but Cornwall officials say they’re too loud, even issuing a proposed decibel level of 30 to 40 — “the equivalent of the hum from a refrigerator or noise of a dishwasher”, according to Rolling Stone.

So the band reached out to Grohl.

And Grohl has, not surprisingly, taken action, writing an open letter to Cornwall Council on behalf of not only the band, but young musicians everywhere.

Grohl writes the band “is having difficulty functioning within the current noise restrictions placed upon them”, and that his own practice as a young musician helped shaped a career in two massively influential bands. “Music is not only a healthy pastime, it is a wonderful creative outlet for kids,” Grohl writes, “and fosters a sense of community necessary to the emotional and social development of any child… I believe that it is crucial that children have a place to explore their creativity and establish a sense of self through song. The preservation of such is paramount to the future of art and music. Without them, where would we be?”

Grohl hopes Cornwall will reconsider. He no doubt got the town’s attention.

“For the sake of your local band Black Leaves of Envy, and for the generations of young musicians that they may eventually inspire, I ask that you reconsider the restrictions put upon the volume of their private rehearsal space,” he adds. “I believe that in doing so, you will be sending a message that Cornwall is not only a home to music and the arts, but a place that encourages children to follow their dreams in a world where anything is possible.”

Black Leaves of Envy are blown away by the call to action.

“We are extremely happy and humbled by the response we have had from Dave Grohl, and we are all so appreciative of the kind words from you all,” the band writes on its Facebook, which no doubt has seen an incredible spike in popularity. “For those of you who have only just heard of us, check out what we managed to do in that valuable garage practice time.”

Listen to them below, and read Grohl’s letter in full after the jump.

Grohl Letter