Song Premiere: Field Day have no time for fools on the infectious ‘Finished With You’

Today is April Fool’s Day, but in this age of social media interaction, every day provides an opportunity for a fool from the past to waltz back into your life.

Those seemingly endless stream of unsolicited attempts to reconnect from known undesirables inspired the new Field Day track, “Finished With You”, after a jerk from singer/guitarist Joan Anderman’s past reached out via Facebook and tried to become her friend again.

“The guy was strung out on coke and screwed me over financially when we were in our early 20s, and then he disappeared,” Anderman tells Vanyaland. “I’ll spare you the gory details. Then, like 25 years later, I got a friend request from him. Ha! I’m not easily appalled, but I was totally appalled. I’m happy to say the story has a happy ending, though, because writing ‘Finished With You’ was incredibly cathartic. It’s like I finally got to have my say. And it’s the last word.”

Incidentally, the last word of “Finished With You” should be the start of many more words and sounds from the Boston indie-pop group, who in advance of their Rock and Roll Rumble appearance next week have released three new songs, dubbed The Woolly Mammoth Sessions, led by the sunny and infectious guitar-rock track. The three songs, which you can preview below, were produced and engineered by Dave Minehan of the Neighborhoods, winners of the 1979 Rock And Roll Rumble.

Field Day play on Night 3 of the Rumble’s preliminary round on Tuesday, April 5 at ONCE Ballroom in Somerville, matched up on an excellent bill alongside Salem Wolves, Shatner, and Idle Pilot. Listen to and get to know all the bands via our Night 3 preview, click here for our full 2016 Rumble coverage, and familiarize with Field Day’s new jams via our slider below.

Just be sure to think twice before sending Anderman a friend request.

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