Be a good Bostonian and chip in so Kennyfest can rent a Porta Potty and lay some AstroTurf

We don’t usually get too involved with online fundraising efforts here at Vanyaland, unless it involves a band raising $30,000 in 24 hours or plans to erect a statue of the late Billy Ruane in Cambridge.

This afternoon, however, a noble cause came across our newswire: A humble $500 campaign to get a legitimate Porta Potty and some AstroTurf over to the site of Kennyfest, an annual summer BBQ and good-time hang in the heart of Allston.

Kennyfest is probably the biggest assembly of Boston musicians at an event that doesn’t actually involve live music, though Paul Foley has been known to DJ over the years.

And with this year’s Kennyfest fast approaching (ask a punk), well, let’s just say people are tired of pissing up against the house. There was also a fire at the location two years ago, so the spot out back could use a bit of fixing-upping.

Here’s word from the GoFundMe page:

As many of you know, Kennyfest headquarters had a fire a couple of years ago. The yard took a beating. It’s missing a fence and the yard is basically all dirt now. I originally started this to get a porta potty to cut down lines and pissing on the side of the house. But Kyle and Co. stressed how much the yard needed Astro turf and they’re right. We can do both! If everyone going just gave a little we could do this! Kickass parties cost money, so any extra would go to Kenny and the captains for other party needs. Thanks!

Donate, do it.