Latrell James charts his own course for success on banger new track ‘Break The Rules’

We’ve been flirting hard with Massachusetts native Latrell James ever since we starting bumping his track “Boston To London” on VanyaRadio last year, an anxious crossover banger that went a long way in breaking up our standard electro-pop and guitar-rock playlists. A few weeks ago his name showed up again in these digital pages as producer of the new Michael Christmas track “Paranoid”, and earlier today, our mere flirtation became a full-on courtship as James dropped his latest single, “Break The Rules”.

The raw, uncensored track does just what its name implies, as James goes hard over a Flexxington Don beat, asking all the tough questions without issuing a single figurative fuck. After a slow build-up, the dam breaks free and James throws up his dukes up, setting a tone for charting one’s own course.

“The whole idea behind this song is myself rebelling and refusing to conform to any label of judgment one may try to pin on me,” James says in the Soundcloud description. “Breaking rules is when you can’t afford studio time so you watch YouTube videos until you can mix and master your own records. Breaking rules is being self efficient. I just wanted to create a song that questions the traditional process of how we are supposed to live life.”

Listen to “Break The Rules” below.