Still Lusting For Life: Watch the first teaser trailer for ‘Trainspotting 2’

The lads of Trainspotting are officially back. And they’re waiting, just like we are.

This morning, British publication the Guardian posted an exclusive teaser trailer for the sequel to director Danny Boyle’s 1996 cult film, and you can watch it below. The brief clip serves as a re-introduction to the film’s main players: Renton (Ewan McGregor), Spud (Ewen Bremner), Sick Boy (Jonny Lee Miller), and Begbie (Robert Carlyle), as they all stand in familiar terms on a train platform.

Oh, and Iggy Pop’s “Lust For Life” blares on as the train moves on by.

Trainspotting 2 is due in the UK on January 27, 2017, and here in the States a week later, on February 3.