Sartorial Beat: Pale Hands turn up the alt-pop bliss on glowing new track ‘Dress Casual’

Our love for Somerville electronic pop trio Pale Hands runs deep. Whether they’re playing our V:Music launch or reinventing the songs of Robyn at our first Halloween party, the Jen Johnson-led band of cool, calculated beat-makers create the type of glistening pop that soundtracks our mornings, afternoons, and nights.

This week Pale Hands are back with a glistening new track in “Dress Casual”, a sweet alt-pop blast that ups the urgency, gives their trademark sound a bit of a new wave gloss, and makes us a bit self-aware of what we’re currently wearing. It’s definitely a worthy at-the-buzzer entry in our never-ending quest to find the Song Of The Summer.

If this is a sign of things to come from the trio, then we’re in for a treat of a new record. Listen to “Dress Casual” below.