Listen: Fuzz-rock dynamo Boom Said Thunder return with ‘Fragile Sound’ EP

New York noise-merchants Boom Said Thunder have an uncanny knack of filling unpredictable spaces.

The Boston-born trio continue to release stellar, starry-gazed sounds, a thunderous (pardon that) mix of rock, psych, and fuzz, pushed even further sonically by the dynamo vocals of Abby Bickel. In 2013, it was their debut LP Exist that throbbed through our speakers, and last year’s Summer Twin double-single was one of the more electric things we heard all year (seriously, fire up the wonderfully maniacal “Carnivore” if you missed it first time around).

Today, they’re back, without much advance warning, with a new EP titled Fragile Beast. It launches with “Flamingo Hotel”, a hypno track that swirls and fades upward like the best Boom Said Thunder material, and even touches a bit on classic and arena rock. Elsewhere, “Hum” rips with the band’s séance vibes under layers of noise, and closing number “Home” is an eight-minute jam sesh that could go on for another hour and not grow tired on the ears.

Ambition has never been in short supply when it comes to Boom Said Thunder, and Fragile Beast is another collection of well-crafted noise and inside-out pop. The air around them is the noise we breathe.

“Many thanks for the love and support to the fam, friends, and fuzzed out fans,” writes bassist John Magnifico. “Also want to personally thanks Mike Kutchman at Kutch-1 Recording Studio for being our ship captain throughout the recording process and putting up with our B.S. last winter.”

We weren’t there, so we can’t say 100%, but it seems like it was worth it.

Boom Said Thunder Fragile Beast