L.A. Earth: Ofelia K takes us on a hushed alt-pop journey to ‘Another World’

We live in frantic times, the era of the bulging waveform, where many new artists wants to say whatever they have to say as fast as possible. Los Angeles alt-pop singer Ofelia K is taking a different approach on latest single “Another World”, the final piece to Friday’s Chaos Cave EP.

“Another World” takes its time, building compassionately through an organic loop of dream-pop and art rock, calmly bouncing within the loose confines own structure without ever losing its pace. While the sound falls somewhere between the lighter shades of Bat For Lashes and Florence And The Machine, the lyrical tone of Ofelia K is all her own.

“’Another World’ seesaws between darkness and light, beauty and pain,” she says. “My vision for this song was for it to take you through different worlds, as though the listener is traveling and taking in new terrain throughout. I love the visuals that the instrumentation paints, like the sounds are playing with one another and need to be hushed and contained at points.”

Take it in, take your time.