Central Scare: Eridanos hosting Migrators exhibit by acclaimed metal artist Dan Seagrave

The worlds of metal and tattooing have long been intertwined, and this weekend, their forums come together at Eridanos Tattoo and Gallery in Cambridge.

The Central Square space is hosting acclaimed artist Dan Seagrave, and the opening reception for his Migrators series goes down Saturday, September 17 at 8 p.m.

Known for his artwork in the metal community and 2006 film Shadowline, the British-born, Canadian-based Seagrave has crafted iconic album covers for Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Entombed, and others. This weekend, his personal Migrators series gets an exclusive spotlight at Eridanos, who we previously covered for their Black Mass exhibit back in October.

Migrators were born out of sketches from Shadowline, where Seagrave explored living beings and forms that fell outside our basic understanding of evolution on Earth. The results are pretty striking; alien-like, but also familiar in their movement and direction.

“Within evolution there suggests the idea of a creator,” Seagrave says. “One that rejects, or abandons ill suited forms. And so we have the Migrators. Existing perhaps as Meta forms from an implausible sub linear strand of evolutionary rejection. The ghost of an idea. These drifting elementals display their corrupted malformed shapes as if mineralized by eons of time. Such as might be seen in a scattered fossil record. Each one a unique rejection of evolution. Gathering atomic data inconsequentially… Transience and illegitimacy becomes their function. In a functionless void.”

Check out some of his Migrators work below, via danseagrave.com, and keep it locked to the Facebook event page for news and updates. More info on the gallery showing can be found on the flyer down below.

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