Song Premiere: Wichita take noisy rock to new heights on ‘Condemned To Repeat’

As with many other cities, the music scene in Providence is always evolving. Indie rock, punk, folk, and hip-hop are still going strong on a local level while there are a new breed of unique acts breaking through. They’re steadily gaining a following and gaining a buzz that’ll soon amount to everyone talking about them. One of those acts is Wichita, a band that blends post-rock and shoegaze to create a powerful sound that resonates fuzzy tones. Today Vanyaland is premiering their track “Condemned To Repeat”, off of upcoming EP The Following that’ll be released this Friday (October 28).

“It was recorded from May to August by myself in various bedrooms and basements,” guitarist/vocalist Adam Alger tells us about the making of the EP and the goal behind it. “We really like to keep a DIY attitude toward everything we do. Though we are heavily influenced by post-rock/instrumental music like Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky, we decided to do something we’ve never done before with this EP. We recorded a song that focused more on the vocal aspect of things, rather than the instrumental side. We’ve always tried to keep it so that our friendship is our number one priority, and for us these songs are just a reflection of that.”

Wichita’s sound is based off of genuine emotion and it shows with the emphasis behind each track on the EP. The band is currently working on putting together a celebration for the release of the EP so be on the lookout for when the details are announced. Until then, give “Condemned To Repeat” a listen and grab a copy of Wichita’s The Following when it’s unveiled to the masses just before the weekend hits.