You will be pleased to learn Donnie Wahlberg set a world record for most selfies in a 3 minute span

Boston is the city of champions, home to legends, icons, and now… world record holders.

Over the weekend, the multi-talented Donnie Wahlberg added another gold star to his resume — which includes singing in New Kids On The Block, acting in Blue Bloods, and burgering in Wahlburgers — by setting a record for most selfies during a three-minute period with 122. This bests the unofficial time of everyone who hangs out at Theatre District nightclubs on Friday nights.

The record was set during the NKTOB’s annual cruise over this past weekend, and a rep from Guinness Book of World Records was on hand to keep it all official and legal.

Fans lined up on the boat as Wahlberg posed with each, a frantic assembly line of Boy Band fandom we haven’t seen since the raid on Lou Pearlman’s home back in ’07.

Naturally, the achievement was a cause for much celebration, and Wahlberg took to social media to thank everyone who contributed. Looks like he hanged tough during the ordeal and snapped more than 1,600 selfies on the cruise, though like the wait on line at the Wahlburgers in the Fenway, it’s those three minutes that truly count.

Here’s the official announcement:

[h/t Boston Magazine]