Milo Has Adult Beverage: Descendents unveil new punk coffee beer with Mikkeller Brewery

As far as novelty trends go, limited edition craft beers bearing the namesakes of widely-beloved musical combos probably vaulted the shark before Mmmhops became a thing two years ago.

But since when did pop-punk institution Descendents, who just played Royale here in Boston, ever care about maintaining their cool-factor?

This week, Mikkeller’s San Diego Brewery releases Feel This — a seven-percent coffee brew, named after the scorchin’ first track off Descendents latest, Hypercaffium Spazzinate. As far as we can tell, the band didn’t directly participate in putting the beer together. But it appears singer Milo Aukerman had a hand in creating the caffeinated portion alongside Chicago’s Dark Matter Coffee company.

“Having grown up in the punk rock and skate punk scene, it was an honor to be given the opportunity to create a beer for the Descendents to celebrate their recently released album,” says Feel This Brewmaster Bill Batten, failing to convince this reporter that he’s genuinely excited about working with Descendents, likes Descendents, or knows any punk songs that aren’t on a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack.

But that’s okay! If he was good at conveying authentic-sounding fandom, then he’d probably do that instead of make beer for a living.

Mikkeller only distributes in 25 states, and Feel This is a limited time only kinda deal, so Descendents diehards or avid guzzlers of beer/coffee hybrids who’ve gotta get this stuff are probably gonna havta ask their favorite local booze store how to do that. Maybe they can order some!