An assembly of Nasty Women from the Boston music scene are performing at Atwood’s Tavern tonight

As you may have heard, today is Election Day, and this evening promises to be a historic night in American history. And like many places around Boston and across the country, tonight will either spawn wild parties and celebrations, or the most sad and depressing public gathering since flash mobs were a thing. Let’s all hope it’s the former, and midnight feels like the end of Return of the Jedi.

At Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge, an assembled team of Nasty Women from all corners of the Boston music scene will be on stage rocking out. And it’s an impressive collection: The night will feature performances from Magen Tracy, American Echoes, Julie Rhodes, Abbie Barrett, Andrea Gillis, Susan Cattaneo, Amy Griffin, Ali McGuirk, My Own Worst Enemy, and Erica Mantone.

“In the hope that we’ll be electing our first woman president, I’ve got a gaggle of awesome local women singing originals and empowering covers, backed by a band that includes Patrick Coman, Mike Oram, Josh Pickering, and Jim Haggerty,” says Atwood’s booking agent Randi Millman. “Atwood’s prides ourselves on not having TV’s, but we will have a screen that night to project election results.”

There might even be a special guest or two jumping up on stage to add additional flair.

“If Hillary wins, we’ll be crying and drinking,” adds Millman. “If Trump wins, we’ll be crying and drinking!”

Of course, it’s an equal-opportunity party, so Deplorables are invited too. They just need to be prepared to take the “L” gracefully. Catch a preview of some of the performers below, and get more information here.

Magen Tracy photo up top by Erin Genett.

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