Sadie Dupuis repurposes Sad13 listening party in NYC into post-election support session

A few days after performing at Hassle Fest 8 over the weekend in Allston, Sadie Dupuis is hosting an event tonight in New York City aimed at providing comfort and unity in the aftermath of yesterday’s election.

The session, at the flagship Sonos store on 101 Greene St. in New York City, was originally planned as a listening party for her solo project Sad13’s new album Slugger, which is out Friday. Dupuis posted on Instagram that she doesn’t feel comfortable hosting the listening party as previously constructed, and admitted that her scheduling of the event coincided with the speculation that Hillary Clinton would be elected president. As we all know by now, Clinton lost to Republican nominee Donald J. Trump.

Dupuis writes: “i WAS hosting an *album listening party* tonight at @sonos #sonosstore but it has now been repurposed into a ‘let’s cry about the state of our world and hug each other and plot about how to cope with and support each other through the nightmarish reality of widespread bigotry in our country’ party. the most important facts: open bar, free snacks. maybe those kinds of comfort will temporarily distract us from this stunning hurt. love you all. 😿

Read her full Insta post below after the Bandcamp jump. RSVP to Dupuis’ event via Splash That.