‘Gimmie some of your tots’: Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite for Burger King ad

There’s just one month left in this miserable-ass year, so forgive us for thinking that Burger King’s very tasty Whopperito was going to be the fast food joint’s finest effort of 2016 (the worst easily being those grossgusting Mac N’ Cheetos).

Turns out King has served up something even better than a whopper and burrito mixed (no bread for its skills and magic), and that’s a Napoleon Dynamite mini-reunion between the the nerdy title character and his best bud, aspiring politician Pedro.

In a new spot commemorating the heralded return of Cheesy Tots, Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez are back together after 12 years, having some casual eats at a local Bee Kay. When our old pal Napoleon asks Pedro for some of his tots, he grabs a handful. No pants side-pockets get kicked, but hey man, that’s cool — we’re a long way from Preston High School in Idaho.

Now, given the Whopperito’s success (at least inside this writer’s foaming mouth), we have hope that Burger King will maybe bring back Kip and LaFawnduh for some sort of BK Stacker and quesa-dilla contraption. In the meantime, watch Napoleon and Pedro chow down on the tots below.

And revisit the classic tots scene from Napoleon Dynamite as well…