Turns out the new Jesus And Mary Chain song is a decade-old Jim Reid solo track called ‘Dead End Kids’

Earlier today we got excited over a new Jesus And Mary Chain song called “Amputation”, the first taste of the band’s new record Damage and Joy. The new LP is the influential Scottish band’s first in 18 years, so needless to say, everyone is stoked.

But as one Vanyaland reader points out, the new track isn’t a new track at all.

It’s actually a re-worked and re-recorded Jim Reid solo song called “Dead End Kids“, which was released as a single back in 2006. It was also included as a live cut on the Back on the Water album by Freeheat, a forgotten supergrpup featuring Reid, Ben Lurie, and the Gun Club’s Romi Mori and Nick Sanderson.

Compare the two below.

What this says about the new Jesus And Mary Chain album — and whether or not the follow up to 1998 LP Munki will be just a stash of rehashed tunes — remains to be seen.