Home Team: Hannah Reid stuns on London Grammar’s new single, ‘Rooting For You’

Ever since the clock struck midnight on 2016, there’s been quite the discussion online and IRL about singing, lip-synching, and a certain somebody’s vocal performance in the face of crazy technical difficulties. We won’t get into any of that here, but with powerful female voices still fresh in everyone’s minds (regardless of your views on what happened on New Year’s Eve), we will take a moment to bow to Hannah Reid for her work in the new London Grammar single, “Rooting For You.”

The British trio released the track on New Year’s Day, and it’s a striking comeback rally for the group that first crashed out playlists with their incredible debut LP, 2013’s If You Wait (get caught up with standouts “Metal & Dust”, “Wasting My Young Years”, and their cover of Kavinsky’s “Nightcall”).

But this is no ordinary single, and for its video, London Grammar released a performance clip where they are backed by a full string orchestra. The clip was directed by BISON, and you’re urged to watch it below. First turn off all the lights, then go full screen and max volume for proper effect.