The trailer for Netflix’s ‘The Discovery’ has us excited for life after death

Netflix dropped a trailer for their March release The Discovery prior to its premiere at Sundance, and it’s something.

It’s like the exact opposite of The OA, so don’t worry about being disappointed. You’re going to want to stop whatever you’re doing and watch this thing right now.

The Discovery is about about a romance set in a world one year after the afterlife was discovered, and obviously lots of people are killing themselves to go there. We wish we could tell you more but there’s really not much else available to us at press time.

For a DTV release, it has an all-star cast (Rooney Mara! Jason Segal! Robert Redford!) and its trailer uses Roy Orbison perfectly for the first time since Blue Velvet. It’s just so creepy and funny in its own little way, and we’re getting Eternal Sunshine vibes from this one. Actually we’re getting heavy Eternal Sunshine vibes, given that it stars a funny man in a serious role (Segal), features an amazing actress playing somewhat against type (Mara), and involves a lot of MRI machines. The color palette may have darkened, but the creativity on display looks to rival Gondry’s masterpiece.

Hot damn, this movie looks crazy as hell and we can’t wait to see it. The Discovery hits Netflix on March 31.